Mehlville Firefighters

Since 1953

Coats for Kids

Firefighters Coats for Kids Foundation is established to help children in poverty survive and thrive by providing hundreds of thousands of new winter coats and bringing warmth to needy children. Stay Tuned!

Public Safety

The best defense in an emergency is preparation. Smoke Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Monoxide, Child-Seat Safety, E.D.I.T.H.  Emergency Drills In The Home , Heart Attacks, and Strokes, just to name a few.

Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board (Coming Soon) of the Mehlville Firefighters, part of the International Association of Firefighters, Local 2665. Protecting Mehlville Full-Time Since 1953.

Mehlville Firefighters Over The Years

Professional Firefighters Since 1953

 7 Engine Houses

The Mehlville Firefighters staff seven stations with seven engine companies (including two seventy-five foot quints), an all-terrain pumper, a heavy rescue squad, a one-hundred foot aerial platform and six Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances.


 Serving South St. Louis County

Mehlville Firefighters serve 110,000 residents in a fifty-two square miles of South St. Louis County. Communities served include Sunset Hills, Green Park, Lakeshire, Oakville Mattese, Concord Village, Sapington, and portions of Lemay & unincorporated St. Louis County.

 A busy 2014

Mehlville Firefighters anticipate responding to nearly 13,000 calls during 2014. Services include fire, rescue, emergency medical, fire prevention, and inspection.


 Class Three ISO Rating

With 1 being the highest (90+ points) and 10 being the lowest (less than 10 points) the Mehlville Fire Protection District is Class Three, scoring between 70 and 79 points. ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) lists a large number of items a community should have to fight fires effectively and assigns credit points for each item.

Engine House #1

MFPD Engine House 1

Originally built in 1957 and replaced in 2006, Engine House #1 is located across from Mehlville High School at 3241 Lemay Ferry Road. Station #1 houses Pumper Company 1710, with three Mehlville Firefighters and fire medics, two paramedics and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance 1717.


Engine House #2

MFPD Engine House 2

Originally built in 1957 and replaced in 2009, Engine House #2 is located in Oakville at 5434 Telegraph Road. Station #2 houses Engine Company 1722, a 75-foot aerial ladder with rescue capability, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance 1727.


Engine House #3

MFPD Engine House 3

Originally built in 1958 and replaced in 2012, Engine House #3 is located at 4811 South Lindbergh. Station #3 houses Paramedi Pumper 1730, which is staffed by three Mehlville Firefighters, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance 1737, staffed with two paramedics.


Engine House #4

MFPD Engine House 4

In 2011, personnel from station 4 moved into their new facility at 13117 Tesson Ferry Road, just across the street from the original facility built in 1964. Station #4 is staffed by four Mehlville Firefighters and fire/medics, and an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance 1747 staffed by two fire/medics.


Engine House #5

MFPD Engine House 5

Engine House #5 opened in 1971 and was remodeled and expanded in 2001. Station #5 is located at 11020 Mueller Road, housing the main headquarters for the Mehlville Fire Protections District. Station #5 currently houses Pumper 1750 with three Mehlville Firefighters, Rescue Squad 1756 with two Mehlville Firefighters, a 100′ Aerial Platform, and an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance 1757 with 2 Mehlville Firefighters.


Engine House #6

MFPD Engine House 6

Built in 1978, Engine House #6 is located on the southern tip of Oakville at 6870 Telegraph Road. Station #6 houses Pumper 1760 with three Mehlville Firefighters, a reserve 75′ Aerial Ladder, a reserve ambulance, the Trench and Shoring Unit, and a mechanic shop for apparatus repair and maintenance.


Engine House #7

MFPD Engine House 7

In 1989, the Mehlville Fire Protection District constructed a new communications/dispatch center and tower at 5501 Old Lemay Ferry Road. South County Fire Alarm moved to the this location and operated there until 2013 when all dispatching from the agency was assumed by Central County Emergency 911. Station #7 houses Pumper 1770 with three Mehlville Firefighters and Ambulance 1777.


Oakville Centenial – 1959

Excerpt from Oakville’s 1959 Centennial Guide:

Prior to the time Mehlville incorporated the Fire District in 1954, Oakville had been protected by volunteers from the Mehlville Fire Department. In 1954 the Mehlville Fire Protection District had been approved by the voters of the District. At that time the district started hiring full-time firemen.

At the present time, the engine house has six men assigned to the fire service working twenty-four hour shifts and each man working a total of eighty-four hours a week.

Since the engine house has been put into service, the fire losses have dropped considerably and residents of Oakville are looking forward to a lower insurance rate which will be possible as soon as more hydrants are in service in the Oakville area.

Mehlville Firefighters – IAFF 2665

[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" align="center"]In 2012, Mehlville Firefighters joined Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri IAFF Local 2665 and continue their pride and dedication to serving the citizens of the Mehlville Fire Protection District.[/blockquote]
[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" align="center"]In 1969, forty-one firefighters joined together and petitioned the International Association of Fire Fighters for membership, becoming IAFF Local 1889.[/blockquote]